• The comfort of a mat, the ease of a towel • 1.5 KG travel mat
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The unique yoga mat top layer

FLXBL is a lightweight yoga mat and luxury non-slip top layer in one. It’s the ultimate yoga mat for extra comfort during your yoga practice. FLXBL is velvety soft, eco-friendly, and easily washable. And FLXBL is so flexible that you can just fold it up. Easy to travel with and carry on your bike.

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Say goodbye to your extra towel, because our FLXBL microfiber top layer is ultra absorbent. Which means no more slippery situations in Down Dog or Triangle Pose! And the more you sweat, the more grip you’ll have. This makes the FLXBL yoga mat perfect for all kinds of yoga styles, especially Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa. That’s what we call a Zen-Zen situation!

The Material
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Do you prefer Yin Yoga? Then FLXBL is the cherry on the cake of your yoga practice. The velvety yoga mat gives you extra comfort for those tedious poses during Yin, Pilates or Hatha. With FLXBL, you do your practice in your own happy, clean and soft little bubble.

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You can put FLXBL in the washing machine, yay! We recommend washing your yoga mat after every 1-3 sessions, using a gentle cycle and cold water. Then hang it up to air-dry. Take good care of your FLXBL yoga mat, so you keep it fresh and clean for as long as possible. Read the washing instructions before washing!

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The 1.5 mm natural rubber base is solid and lies flat on the ground. The natural rubber base gives you the same stability as a rubber mat. It prevents the yoga mat from getting slippery or blowing away on a windy day. Keep your focus, without unnecessary distraction. Perfect to use as a hygienic top layer on those mats in the yoga school, for on the beach or in the park.

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We don’t call it a travel mat for no reason. FLXBL is 1.4 KG light, flexible, and foldable, which makes it easy to travel with. The yoga mat fits right into your bag or suitcase. Whether you are traveling to a faraway tropical island or to your favorite yoga studio around the corner, FLXBL gives you maximum freedom so you can practice your Sun Salutations anywhere in the world.

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FLXBL is made of a biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural tree rubber base and microfiber top layer. Printed with non-fade, water-based inks. The FLXBL yoga mat is free from latex, silicones, toxic glue, and other harmful toxins. We only want the best for you and nature!