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The microfiber top layer is made from 100% polyester and is ultra-absorbent. The mat is great to use for any style of yoga, especially yoga in a heated room, an intensive class or a practice in the sun. After a warm-up, you’ll have a good grip straight away and won’t be distracted by sweat during your practice. Compared to other sticky travel mats, the microfiber feels velvety soft on the skin. This works great during transitions between poses,so you will enjoy the flow more. No more sticky or slippery moments!

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Do you want to keep your mat clean and fresh after an intense yoga session? No problem, the FLXBL yoga mat is machine washable. Even after washing several times, the FLXBL yoga mat  feels as good as new. This means that you’ll always have a fresh surface, even when you use FLXBL as a top layer on a different mat. Read the washing instructions here.

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Natural Rubber

FLXBL has a 1.5 mm bottom layer, made from natural and degradable tree rubber. It prevents the mat from moving, shifting or rippling up during transitions. This is what gives the mat its stability. Stay focused and balanced during your yoga class without any distractions! The natural rubber does not contain any toxic chemicals and does not have any toxic odors. The full color prints are made with water-based inks.

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Lightweight Travel Mat

The FLXBL yoga mat only weighs 1.5 kg, is 1.5 mm thin, 60 cm wide and 183 cm long. Its foldable and compact, so it fits in every bag, suitcase or backpack. This makes it perfect for traveling and easy to transport to your yoga class.