High Quality Microfibre

The microfiber top layer is made of 100% polyester microfibre. The quality of Microfibre has a strong effect of absorbing. You never have good grip in the downdog on slippery mats? Too much focus on the sliding hands and feet, so that you can no longer enjoy the class? FLXBL provides a perfect living environment, think of yoga in the sun, in a heated room during intensive yoga.

Do you suffer from cold hands? First ensure a good warm-up and wait until your hands are warm. You will experience the anti-slip quickly. Spraying the mat with some water is also possible. The more you sweat, the better grip you have.

Enlarged with other sticky non-slip mats, the FLXBL mat feels velvety soft on the skin. This is so nice during the transition between poses and you will enjoy the flow much more. No more sticky uneasy moments anymore.

The full color prints are produced according to water-based inks.

Sweat, Water, Wasmachine-proof

The more drops of sweat, the better the grip. That makes the FLXBL yoga mat perfect for intensive yoga styles like Hot,

Vinyasa and Power yoga. But the mat can also be used for all other yoga styles, like Yin or Pilates.

Do you want to keep your mat clean and fresh after an intensive yoga session? No problem, because the FLXBL yoga mat is washing-machine-resistant. Even after washing several times the FLXBL yoga mat feels like new. This means you have always a fresh new surface, even when you use FLXBL as a top layer over a different mat. FLXBL offers the quality of a yoga mat and the hygiene of a towel. Read the washing instructions here.

100% Natural Tree Rubber

FLXBL has a 1.5 mm bottom layer, made from natural and degradable tree rubber. It prevents the mat from shifting or ripple away. So you can keep the focus and balance during your yoga class. It is a nice outdoor mat. Because of the rubber bottom layer the mat forms to the surface, no wind comes under it and the mat therefore stays perfectly on the grass or sand. The natural rubber contains no toxic chemicals and will not leave any toxic odors.