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What type of yoga mat is right for you?

by Ingrid Arnou juni 30, 2020

What type of yoga mat is right for you?

The search for a new yoga mat can be quite challenging. There are so many different yoga mats, all with different materials, shapes, thicknesses… durable, not durable, slippery, non-slippery. Do you want a yoga mat or a foldable yoga towel? In this article, we’ll explain what all the exact differences are. This way, you can make an informed decision and choose a new yoga mat that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

What kind of materials and yoga mats are there?

There are three types of yoga mats: the yoga mat you use at home, the lightweight travel mat, and the yoga towel. The latter is not a mat, but a towel that you put on top of a mat. 

  • Natural tree rubber: Natural tree rubber has a good grip, doesn’t contain any toxins and is biodegradable and durable.
  • Microfibre: Microfibre is super absorbent. It functions as a non-slip top layer and prevents you from slipping away when your hands get sweaty during an intensive yoga class, such as Hot Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Cork: Cork is a natural material that gets more sticky when it gets wet. It also has antibacterial properties. A downside of cork, however, is that it’s quite porous, which is unpractical if you sweat a lot. Besides, it absorbs the smell of sweat, so it may start to stink after a while.
  • Cotton: Back in the days, yogis used to do yoga on cotton mats. Cotton has a good grip because of its absorbency. The downside is that the mats are super thin and fairly rough to the touch.
  • PVC: This is a synthetic plastic polymer, which is made with chemicals and contains toxins. Yoga mats made of PVC are generally cheap and durable (in the sense that they last long), but get very slippery when wet.

What is the FLXBL yoga mat made of?

The bottom of our sustainable FLXBL yoga mat is made of natural, biodegradable tree rubber. This makes sure that the mat stays on the floor and doesn’t go anywhere or curl up. 

The top of the mat is made of microfibre, which feels velvety soft and is super absorbent. Sweaty hands during an intensive yoga class? Well, the microfibre will only improve your grip. The colour prints are eco-friendly produced with water-based ink.

What is the difference between a yoga mat and yoga towel?

A yoga mat is thicker (often 4-8 mm thick) and sturdier than a yoga towel. You put the latter on top of a yoga mat, to give you extra grip and to keep the yoga mat underneath clean. Yoga towels offer less padding and are, of course, much thinner. However, they are easier to put in your travel bag or suitcase and can be washed in the washing machine.

What is your yoga level?

When choosing a yoga mat, you shouldn’t only look at the materials but also at what level you are. What is your purpose and how often do you use the mat? 

Beginner yogis

Are you just getting started? It’s okay to buy a cheap yoga mat (although the quality isn’t usually as good), but then we highly recommend putting a FLXBL yoga mat on top of it. It is incredibly discouraging when you are just starting yoga and keep slipping away in Down Dog because your mat is so slippery. 

Besides, you probably don’t have sufficient control yet over which muscles you should and shouldn’t activate in a yoga pose. If you use a cheap, slippery yoga mat without a non-slip top layer, you run a higher risk of slipping away and injuring yourself.  

Intermediate yogis

Usually, intermediates have a more intensive yoga practice, such as Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Bikram or Hot Yoga. Do you sweat a lot during your practice? If yes, we recommend putting a non-slip top layer, such as FLXBL, on top of your mat. 

Even if you do Yin Yoga and don't sweat as much, a non-slip, luxurious top layer provides a way more comfortable surface. This way, you’ll protect your joints and be able to stay in your poses longer.

Advanced yogis

Advanced students can do their yoga on all kinds of surfaces. Wooden floors, thin cotton mats, lawns… it doesn't matter. A lightweight yoga mat like FLXBL is excellent for yoga, even without putting another mat underneath. But if you, as an advanced yogi, want to take extra care of your body (quite important!), then we recommend using the velvety soft FLXBL as a top layer. 

FLXBL: two for the price of one

The FLXBL yoga mat is the ultimate combination because the mat can be used both as a yoga mat and as a yoga towel. It’s foldable, absorbent and machine-washable. So you’ll have a two-in-one yoga mat! Perfect to use at home but also to take with you to the studio for your own hygienic yoga bubble.

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104 reviews
Loving my new FLXBL mat

I just received my FLXBL Uplifting Orange Yoga Mat, and loving it so far!
In my practice at home, I use it on top of my regular yoga mat. I'm excited for the summer to come and to be able to take it outside with me!
Thanks FLXBL!

Heerlijke yogamat

Super Comfortabel en gemakkelijk voor op reis!
Hele fijne yogamat, ik gebruik deze als toplayer over een dikkere mat. Is ontzettend zacht en comfortabel.

Goede yoga mat, zacht en snel geleverd. Het is wel een beetje glad bij de handen maar met wat water prima op te lossen. De mat is wel zwaarder dan ik dacht. Ik gebruik het momenteel buiten (onderkant van de mat is prima voor buiten) maar het is een beetje onhandig om mee te nemen. Tip: Een touw of soort elastiek om de mat makkelijker te kunnen mee nemen zou handig zijn.

Beste Françoise, fijn dat de mat goed bevalt! :) De gladheid heeft te maken met kou en buiten/droge handen. Je moet goed opgewarmd zijn voor goede grip. Je hebt inderdaad de 'zwaardere' variant van ons gekregen, namelijk de 2mm ter promotie en dat is nog de oude collectie. Inmiddels hebben we de FLXBL geupgrade naar een lichtere versie van 1.5mm past net iets makkelijker in je tas. De kwaliteit is hetzelfde! Enjoy your practice!

Works like a charm!

I love my FLXBL yoga mat, I take it on holidays and weekends away. At home, I use it on top of my carpet for extra softness. Sometimes I have to spray the mat a bit to get some extra grip, but once you're sweaty from a workout, it works like a charm! Can't wait for the spring and summer weather: I'll bring my mat outside in the park to practice!

Prachtige, mega handige yogamat!

Ik ben helemaal verliefd op mijn flxbl yoga mat. Hij voelt zijdezacht en ziet er klassy uit. En ik heb hem al een paar maal meegenomen op korte tripjes en doordat hij zo dun is neemt hij nauwelijks plaats in in de valies. Ik ben er heel tevreden van!