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The new edition (1.5 mm)

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Silent Green
Very Berry
Tender Green
Light Yellow

    FLXBL is a foldable lightweight yoga mat and luxury non-slip top layer in one. 

    ✓ Absorbent grip (for sweaty hands)

    ✓ Luxuriously soft top layer (also for Yin)

    ✓ Foldable travel mat (suits in every bag)

    ✓ Washable (Covid-proof)

    The FLXBL Yoga mat has been improved!

    We’ve reduced the thickness, resulting in a smaller package when the mat is folded. The weight is also reduced to make it even more suitable for carrying and traveling. No worries, you won’t notice any difference in comfort, it just saves some weight and space in your bag.

    We still have a couple of first edition FLXBL’s in stock and therefore these are discounted until the last one is sold out.

    The first edition (2 mm) includes:

    • Deep Petrol
    • Pink Blossom
    • Tender Green
    • Uplifting Orange
    • True Lavender

    The new Light edition (1.5 mm) includes:

    • Silent Green
    • Very Berry
    • Light Yellow
    • Tender Green

    The new edition is 1.5 mm thick and weighs 1.2 kg. The first edition is 2 mm and weighs 1.6 kg. Fold your FLXBL mat and take it wherever you go!


    The FLXBL yoga mat is the ultimate washable yoga mat for extra comfort and grip during your yoga practice. FLXBL is velvety soft, eco-friendly and easy to clean. And FLXBL is so flexible that you can fold it and practice where you want. Add some color to your practice and join the FLXBL vibe! 

    Thickness, size & weight
    Less is more! We believe that minimalism is like yoga for your life and designed a mat that is thin, versatile and long-lasting. The FLXBL yoga is 60 cm wide, 183 cm long.

     Active styles. After you sweat you create the grip.
    Restorative, Yin or Hatha Yoga classes to enjoy more comfort during long-held poses. 
    Traveling: FLXBL is so light that you can easily take it with you in your backpack.
    Summertime: use it as an outdoor mat and practice where you want. 
    Practicing at home. Use it as a quality top layer. 
    Boosting your mood with FLXBL’s vibrant colors!

    Get a grip
    Say goodbye to your extra towel, because our FLXBL microfiber top layer is ultra absorbent. No more slippery situations in Down Dog or Triangle Pose.Sweat will only improve the grip of the mat. This makes the FLXBL yoga mat perfect for all kinds of yoga styles, especially Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa and Bikram. 

    Sweat, wash, repeat
    After your sweaty yoga session, we know you would like to keep your yoga mat fresh and clean. Just put it in the washing machine! You can wash FLXBL at cold or low temperatures, on a soft program. Even after several washes, FLXBL will still feel as good as new and the colors will stay vibrant. FLXBL offers the quality of a yoga mat and the hygiene of a fresh towel. View the washing instructions here.

    Velvety soft & comfy
    Do you prefer Restorative, Hatha or Yin Yoga? The smooth feel of FLXBL is the cherry on the cake of your gentle yoga practice. The velvety microfiber top layer gives you extra comfort and softness for long-held poses during meditation, relaxation and Yin yoga practices. With FLXBL, you can practice in your own uplifting, clean and soft self-care space.

    Travel made
    We call it a travel mat for a reason. The FLXBL yoga mat is light, flexible and foldable, so easy to travel with. The FLXBL fits right into your bag or suitcase. It does not matter if you are traveling to a faraway tropical island or to your favorite yoga studio around the corner. FLXBL gives you freedom so you can be creative and practice your Sun Salutations anywhere in the world.Wherever you go, follow your intuition and travel light​!

    Of course, the online shop on the FLXBL Yoga website is updated, but don’t hesitate to contact us info@flxblyoga.com if you have any questions about the different editions. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Fijne mat!

      Super fijne mat om op zich zelf te gebruiken of over een mat heen! Voor mijn ochtend stretch oefeningen is dit ideaal, ik gebruik het zelf zonder een extra mat, het is makkelijk uitgerold, goeie grip op de laminaat vloer en neemt niet veel ruimte in beslag tijdens het vervoeren. Ik raad deze mat zeker aan! :)

      Tender green

      Nice color, very soft and good grip :)

      Prachtige yoga mat

      Ik ben zeer tevreden met deze prachtige yogamat en een goede service! Echt een aanrader!

      Very handy!

      Yesterday got my my FLXBL mat, and I have to admit I love the portability and how easy it is to put away. Most mats are are clunky. I love it !

      Great product!

      I really like my new yoga gadget!


      Omg! This is the best yoga mat I have ever had so far. I have serious sweaty hand and feet so if i don't have a towel i can't do bridges and so on. But now if i forget my towel I don't have to worry. Amazing. Hope it lasts long. And u can wash it by machine. Even better!


      Se adhiere perfectamente si las manos o los pies están sudados. El tacto es muy agradable y se puede meter a la lavadora o limpiar con cualquier solución en spray. Es practicamente una toalla aunque la base sea antideslizante. Muy finita, sera de 1mm de grosor aprox.

      Love love love

      A friend of mine recommended the flxbl mat and I was directly convinced and love my yoga practice so much in this mat, so soft, such great grip and just so easy to take around.
      Really recommendable

      Super blij mee!

      Sinds kort deze mat in mijn bezit, de flexibele very berry :-)
      Werd al blij van de mooie kleur maar hoe fijn en zacht voelt het aan tijdens de practice. Was iets verkeerd gegaan met mijn oorspronkelijke bestelling, maar wat een super klantenservice. De volgende dag had ik mijn nieuwe mat alsnog. Moest even wennen met het niet wegglijden maar dat is na 1x gebruiken niet meer aan de orde.

      Love at first sight

      I got my mat as a gift and fell in love with it immediately. It is aesthetic. The color is vibrant. And the velvety softness gives it a luxurious feel. Whenever I travel or teach yoga, it’s the first thing I pack. It is lightweight and easy to carry with me. If I use it in my hot yoga practice, it is not slippery. In my yin practice, it is soft and comfortable. With my heavy use, I can wash it at any time. The bottom layer of the mat is from 100 % biodegradable natural rubber. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals.
      Nor does it include any toxic odors. I'm happy with my natural bio-rubber mat!