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FLXBL is a lightweight yoga mat and luxury non-slip top layer in one. It’s the ultimate yoga mat for extra comfort during your yoga practice. FLXBL is velvety soft, eco-friendly, and easily washable. And FLXBL is so flexible that you can just fold it up. Easy to travel with and carry on your bike.

Get a grip

Say goodbye to your extra towel, because our FLXBL microfiber top layer is ultra absorbent. Which means no more slippery situations in Down Dog or Triangle Pose! And the more you sweat, the more grip you’ll have. This makes the FLXBL yoga mat perfect for all kinds of yoga styles, especially Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, and Bikram. That’s what we call a Zen-Zen situation!

Velvety soft & comfy

Do you prefer Yin Yoga? Then FLXBL is the cherry on the cake of your yoga practice. The velvety yoga mat gives you extra comfort for those tedious poses during Yin, Pilates or Hatha. With FLXBL, you do your practice in your own happy, clean, and soft little bubble.

Maximum freedom

We don’t call it a travel mat for no reason. FLXBL is light, flexible, and foldable, which makes it easy to travel with. The yoga mat fits right into your bag or suitcase. Whether you are traveling to a faraway tropical island or to your favorite yoga studio around the corner, FLXBL gives you maximum freedom so you can practice your Sun Salutations anywhere in the world.

Easily washable

After your sweaty yoga session, you’d like to keep your yoga mat fresh and clean, right? Just put it in the washing machine! You can wash FLXBL at cold or low temperatures. Even after several washes, FLXBL will still feel as good as new. FLXBL offers the quality of a yoga mat and the hygiene of a fresh towel.

Choose one (or more) of the fresh colors and enjoy your Zenmoment!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Deep Petrol, Pink Blossom, Tender Green, True Lavender, Uplifting Orange


  1. Femke Jogien Hermans

    Just before I went on my world traveling adventures I was looking for a new yoga mat. I wanted it to be a light weight mat but also one with a good grip. I stumbled upon the FLXBL yoga mat and didn’t had to think twice about it.

    It is so practical because I can fold it and put it in my backpack which is perfect for me!!
    I love how the more I sweat the more grip I have. But it also slides very well so I don’t get ‘stuck’. I always got frustrated slipping away with my hands in the down dog’s because of the rubber mats. But with this mat I just get more grip if my palms are getting sweaty.

    It is so soft and I’m using it also a lot to just sit on and do some work on my laptop or journal.
    Yes, for me it is the perfect yoga mat to explore the world with!

  2. René Steverink (verified owner)

    The Flxbl yoga mat is the best yoga mat i have tried. the grip it provides when you get sweaty is amazing, also you can still slide easier then on rubber when practicing jump through. As a top layer you can place it over the yoga mats in any studio you visit. Also since it is so lightweight you can take it with you to travel in nature such as a park or beach. Amazing product.

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  3. Tara Ubachs (verified owner)

    The first time I saw the FLXBL yogamat, was on a Yoga & Vegan festival. I was instantly drawn to it. And wanted to purchase one, but I didn’t. Because I thought; why do you need another mat? You already have plenty. But it wasn’t until my teacher said to me during Mysore practice: ’Maybe you can use a soft towel on top of your mat to help you practice your jump throughs’, that I thought of the FLXBL again.

    I have several towels and mats. But not a towel and mat in one, which I could also travel with. And since I travel a lot, this sounded like the perfect option. That same weekend the owner of FLXBL happened to attend my Ashtanga class and she gifted me one after I told her my story.

    The first Surya Namaskara was amazing: perfect grip, soft touch and landing in my jump back. No sticky sweaty ness of the hands which you normally have on rubber. Later on in practice I kept landing firmly on my mat without sliding backwards after a jump back. Then practicing my jump throughs, amazing, I slided through my arms much easier.

    This mat has the rare combination of offering perfect grip and allowing you to slide when necessary. Then the weekend after I travelled to Helsinki. And the mat folded perfectly well into my hand luggage trolley. Cleaning was easy; just spray and wipe and a weekly gentle machine wash.

    yoga teacher tara ubachs ashtanga flxbl yoga towel mat review

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