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Handwash Only

It is best to wash the FLXBL yoga mat on a wool or hand wash program at low temperatures (max. 30 degrees). For extra durability, we recommend washing the FLXBL yoga mat carefully. Use no or only a minimum of natural soap. Hang up the yoga mat and let it air-dry. When the FLXBL yoga mat comes out of the washing machine, it will be quite wet. Don’t worry, the microfiber dries quickly. Just place a towel under it so it can catch all the water.


The mat is not suitable for the centrifuge or dryer! If you put FLXBL in the dryer or centrifuge, the edges of the yoga mat will fray.

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Handle with love

To protect the quality of your FLXBL yoga mat, we recommend hand washing it (in the shower or in a bathtub) with only a minimum of natural soap - or no soap at all. Rinse it off with water and let it air dry. Treat your FLXBL yoga mat with love and care, just like you would wash a new $59 woolen sweater. This will keep the color beautiful and the quality of the microfibre optimal.


Depending on the intensity of your workout and how much you sweat, we advise you to wash the mat carefully and not too much.


After yoga in a heated room: after every 1-3 yoga sessions.

After Ashtanga or Power yoga: every other week, depending on how much you sweat.

After traveling and outdoor use: every other week, depending on where you are and how dirty the mat gets.

After gentle yoga, Yin or Hatha yoga: once every month.

Only wash the mat when it’s really dirty and follow the washing instructions carefully. Otherwise you risk 

Even if you don’t want to wash the mat, you can keep FLXBL fresh by ventilating it outside. Don’t expose the yoga mat to direct sunlight and don’t place it directly on a radiator.

Do not place the FLXBL on top of the heating, as heat will deform the rubber and the top layer will separate from the mat. Besides towels or linen, do not wash other things at the same time.

Are you going on a trip or joining a yoga retreat? Don’t give FLXBL to a laundry place, but wash it carefully by hand in the shower. Do not expose the yoga mat to direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes.