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This is FLXBL

We created the FLXBL yoga mat as an ultimate absorbent top layer, giving you a 100% grip and hygiene. Fold your FLXBL mat and practice where you like. Use it as a top layer in the studio or unfold it in your garden, at the park or on the beach. The lightweight FLXBL mat is thin enough to travel with and easy to fold - practice where you want!

The story

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Ingrid, the founder of FLXBL Yoga. Combining my passion for creativity, yoga and entrepreneurship, I created the FLXBL yoga mat in 2017. Like so many of us, I was looking for peace and relaxation to deal with the challenges of our modern day life. When I found Hot Yoga I discovered I loved yoga and warmth, but because of the sweat the studio mats became very slippery. Many others were having the same problem: yogi towels were never staying in one place and did not fit the mat very well, but practicing without a towel is not very hygienic and meant a slippery practice. When I took it to class for the first time, it was great! I did not slip away in Down Dog anymore and could easily wash it after practice. I created the brand and before I knew it, many students and teachers were using the FLXBL yoga mat and told me they loved it as a top layer and travel mat. 

The FLXBL Team

I am so delighted that 3 years after the first FLXBL, Jasper and Marjolein joined the FLXBL team to share the gift of yoga, freedom and creativity. We love to share FLXBL internationally, to spread the brand and offer people more comfort and quality for their practice. For different styles in different countries!

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