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Wash and care

Keep your mat fresh and vibrant! FLXBL is the only corona-proof yoga mat. Especially during Covid-19 we should not forget to stay clean, so we can enjoy, sweat and move. 

How to care for your FLXBL

Depending on the intensity of your practice and how much you sweat, we advise you to wash your FLXBL carefully. Yes, you can put your FLXBL mat in the washing machine! You can also clean your FLXBL mat easily with some water or yoga mat cleaner. Keep your mat clean, so you can practice carefree and relax while you rest your foreheadon your mat in Child’s Pose.

 Wash your FLXBL mat:

~ By hand in the sink, shower or bathtub. 

~ By using the washing machine - make sure you use a soft handwash or Wool program on max 30 °C. 

~ Wash seperately from other laundry.

~ Hang up the yoga mat and let it air-dry.


Handle with love

If you want to keep your FLXBL not only clean but also beautiful and soft, please handle your mat with love. Things that will damage your mat: 

~ Do NOT centrifuge or use a tumble dryer. Switching the centrifuge OFF manually*!
~ No soap, or a minimal amount of natural soap. 
~ Please no exposure to direct sunlight for a long period.
~ Keep away from a radiator, as heat will damage your mat.
~ Wash your mat only when necessary & use a yoga mat cleaner in between practices.

When the FLXBL yoga mat comes out of the washing machine, it will be quite wet. Don’t worry, the microfiber dries quickly. Just place a towel under it so it can catch all the water.

How often should you wash your FLXBL? 

After yoga in a heated room: after every 2-4 yoga sessions. After Ashtanga or Power yoga: every other week, depending on how much you sweat. After traveling and outdoor use: every other week, depending on where you are and how dirty your mat gets. After gentle yoga, Yin or Hatha yoga: once every month.

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