Are you tired of carrying around your big yoga mat? Many traveling yogis use FLXBL, as it gives them the freedom to practice yoga wherever they want (the beach, the park, hotel room). Our yoga mat is super lightweight, easily foldable, and ultra compact, so it fits perfectly into your bag. This makes FLXBL perfect for traveling, and you can use your precious luggage space to stock up on some awesome souvenirs!


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People frequently use FLXBL at the park or at the beach. That’s because it makes a great outdoor mat. The sunny colors contrast nicely with the green grass, and the mat is just super easy to use. You won’t have any issues with the wind messing up your mat, as the rubber bottom layer makes sure that the mat stays perfectly still. This way, you’ll stay dry and warm, even when the grass or sand is a little damp.


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FLXBL is not only an outdoor yoga mat perfect for traveling, but it’s also a great substitute for any towel that you use to give you more comfort and a better grip. The microfiber is ultra-absorbent, which gives it the opposite effect of many “regular” yoga mats. The more you sweat, the better your grip.