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Wash and care

Keep your mat fresh and vibrant! Maintaining good hygiene as a yogi is easy now because the FLXBL is washable both by hand and by washing machine. Just make sure you handle it with care by following our instructions below.

Wash by washing machine:

We advise you to machine-wash the FLXBL once in 3 to 4 yoga sessions. This can be more often if you're using it outside a lot or sweat on it during intensive styles. It can be less often if you're mainly using it for restorative styles and it doesn't get that dirty. Make sure you:

Wash by hand:

The mat can be washed by hand as often as you want as it is gentler than machine-wash. Keep in mind that you:


The FLXBL will be quite wet when comes out of the washing machine. Don’t worry, the microfiber dries quickly. Be aware that you:

Further care:

Don't expose the mat to direct sunlight for too long. We encourage you to practice on your FLXBL outside on a hot day as much as possible! Just don't leave it lying around in the sun for the rest of the day as this might also cause the rubber to start curling at the edges.

Contact us:

If you have a question regarding wash and care, just send an email to or send us a message on Instagram @flxblyoga.

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111 reviews
FLXBL Yoga Mat
Loving my new FLXBL mat

I just received my FLXBL Uplifting Orange Yoga Mat, and loving it so far!
In my practice at home, I use it on top of my regular yoga mat. I'm excited for the summer to come and to be able to take it outside with me!
Thanks FLXBL!

FLXBL Yoga Mat
Alessa Wiedemann
Superschöne Yogamatte für unterwegs

Ich liebe meine neue FLXBL Yogamatte in Terra! Sie ist superleicht, hat einen guten Grip, ist waschbar und hat eine unglaublich schöne Farbe - was will man mehr?! :)

Perfect for summer travelling!

So light, thin and foldable - perfect for travelling. I’m in love with the colour and how soft it is! I can’t wait to practice on the beach this summer. 💛

FLXBL Yoga Mat
Pauline van Mourik
We are in love with the color!

The mat feels soft and fits perfect in our yoga studio.

Light-weight, perfect for yoga outside

I really like my new FLXBL yoga mat. It’s a perfect mat for those wanting to take their yoga practice outside. It’s soft and has a very good grip. It’s a very thin mat. In addition, the soft color of the mat is absolutely beautiful.