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For European customers, the FLXBL mat is available on all Amazon Marketplaces in the EU and the UK, offering fast and free local shipping:

Germany |
Netherlands |
Belgium |
United Kingdom |
Spain |
France |
Italy |
Poland |
Sweden |

Customers in EU countries that do not have an Amazon Marketplace yet (like Austria, Portugal, Belgium), can also order on the above mentioned Marketplaces and benefit from free shipping! Just pick the one closest to your homecountry.

Customers in Non-EU countries in Europe (like Switzerland, Norway, UK) can also order our mat on the above marketplaces. A shipping fee might be charged by Amazon.

€10 Cashback offer!
For a limited time, we offer a €10 cashback on each Amazon order. Just send an email to or send us a message on Instagram @flxblyoga with your order ID or a screenshot of your order confirmation. We will transfer the €10 cashback within 0-2 working days.