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Product info

You will be surprised when you feel the soft microfiber top layer of the FLXBL. At first it feels soft and you may have the association with a “smooth” mat. The opposite is true, but please wait.. microfibre absorbs moisture and when you warm up a little, it means better grip (more sweat = more grip). Standard non-slip rubber yoga mats that immediately provide stiffness are not always pleasant for the flow during yoga poses, in addition it blocks the muscles and tendons and the risk of injuries is greater.

The FLXBL yoga mat lets you slide, but not slip! If you have to move your feet a little closer or a little further, you have the freedom to move and flow without being stuck to your mat.

While you roll back and forth with Sun Salutations, the FLXBL also feels luxurious on the toes and it prevents calluses on hands and feet.

The base rubber bottom layer remains stable and flat. No folds or annoying ridges, so that with a full split, you can gracefully slide the foot back without dragging the entire mat or towel.

If you are not warmed up quickly or have extremely dry or cold hands, there is always the possibility of spraying the mat with a little water to increase the adhesion of microfiber.

Check this video for more tips about technique and instructions by Yoga teacher Tara:

The FLXBL is eco-friendly and consciously produced

Bottom: 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber

The rubber is a natural product and is biodegradable. Natural rubber contains no toxic chemicals and will not leave any toxic odors. Bear in mind that natural rubber has a natural “own” odor. This odor diminishes over time.

Top: polyester microfiber. The Microfiber is made of Polyester material, so that’s not a 100% natural product. But it’s full color print with water-based inks. Free from latex, toxic glue, silicones, phthalates, PVC, and chlorine

Manual washing: To keep the FLXBL yoga mat at its best, it is recommended that you wash it gently by hand (for example in the shower or in a bathtub) with only a small amount of natural soap or no soap. Rinse it off with warm water.

Machine washing instructions: Do you have little time and you prefer to use the washing machine? That’s no problem! The FLXBL is namely washer-proof, but with attention.

Air dry: Pay attention! After washing, the mat has absorbed a lot of moisture and feels wet and heavy. You can squeeze the yoga mat firmly (in a large towel) or gently wring it and squeeze out all the excess water. Then hang the yoga mat out to air dry. Do not hang the mat over the heating and the mat is certainly not suitable for the centrifuge or tumble dryer. This causes the non-slip layer to deteriorate and creates waves at the edge and does not promote the firm and beautiful quality of the mat.

Are you traveling?!: Do not take the mat to a launderette abroad, but wash it by hand in the shower. Aggressive detergent is often used there.

• Exposing the mat for a long time to direct sunlight, external heat, scrubbing or a lot of washing will accelerate wear.

• Do not hang the mat over the heating and the mat is not suitable for the spin dryer/centrifuge or tumble dryer.

If you put the mat on a high centrifuge setting, tumble dry or wash too hot, there is a high risk of fraying, curling up the edges of the FLXBL and waving!

Order info

FLXBL is known for its cheerful colors. Every collection has a new color combination, so it is possible that your favorite color is unfortunately no longer in production. Send an email to, then we can see if it is still behind or can be delivered through a point of sale.

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