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We want our website to be as clear as possible on what to expect from us and our products. If you still have any questions, check out the list of FAQs below. Also feel free to send your question by email to or send us a message on Instagram @flxblyoga.

The FLXBL Yoga mat

It is both! Sometimes we call the FLXBL a yoga mat and sometimes we call it a top layer, as a replacement of the yoga towel. It just depends on your level of experience, where you are practicing, and what you prefer in general. Through the years, our customers showed us how to best use the FLXBL:

Yoga mat (directly on the ground):
~ Inside: on a soft floor covering or a carpet.
~ Outside: on a soft surface like grass or sand.

More experienced yogi's might use the FLXBL also directly on hard surfaces as they don't need the comfort of an extra layer.

Top layer (on another mat)
~ In a yoga studio placed on a studio mat for hygiene purposes.
~ All other situations in which you prefer some extra comfort but still want the benefits of a microfiber yoga mat.

In the end you can just use your FLXBL alternately as a yoga mat or as a top layer. That's what makes it great for traveling as well; today you use it as a yoga mat on the beach and tomorrow as a top layer in a yoga studio with limited hygiene standards.

Want some more examples? Go to our Review page to see how yogi's use their FLXBL.

It's great for any style of yoga! FLXBL started as a mat for intensive styles like Bikram, Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga because of the sweat absorbing microfiber. However, we found it is ideal for restorative styles as well because of the velvety soft touch of the microfiber. It makes it very comfortable for longer poses during Yin and Hatha Yoga.

Yes, the FLXBL is just as great for Pilates as it is for Yoga. Because Pilates mats are usually a bit thicker than yoga mats, we advise you to use the FLXBL as a Top Layer on another mat when doing Pilates.

It is possible to use the FLXBL for an active workout as well. But as gym mats are even thicker than Pilates mats, make sure you use the FLXBL as a Top Layer when exercising on a hard surface.

Great grip:
Microfiber absorbs moisture, making the mat ideal for intensive yoga styles such as Bikram, Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. In contrast to standard mats, more sweat provides more grip!

Soft touch:
The material is velvety soft and therefore provides luxurious comfort during your practice. This is great for normal and restorative styles like Hatha and Yin Yoga. It also makes your transitions between poses smoother than ever before.

Keeping your mat clean becomes easy because microfiber withstands washing in the washing machine! Go to our Wash and care page to find our washing instructions for the FLXBL.

Read more about the benefits of a microfiber yoga mat on our Mat Materials page

Yes it is! The bottom of natural tree rubber is 100% biodegradable tree rubber and the mat does not contain any toxic chemicals. The materials are not tested on animals (vegan) and the packaging is plastic-free.

Find out more about FLXBL and the environment on our Mat Materials page.

You can wash your FLXBL both by hand or in the washing machine. Just make sure you handle it with care:
• Wash at 30° Celsius or lower
• Turn off the spin cycle
• Only use one drop of (natural) soap or no soap at all
• Machine-wash the FLXBL each 3 to 4 yoga sessions, depending on how much you are sweating.
• Allow the mat to air dry in the shower, bathtub or outside without direct sunlight on it

Go to our Wash and care page to read the full washing instructions.

There are a few situations you want to avoid in order to keep your FLXBL soft and beautiful for years:

• Don't wash above 30° Celsius / 86° Fahrenheit
• Don't use (too much) soap when washing
• Don't use a spin cycle or any other dryer options when washing by machine
• Don't scrub too hard while cleaning by hand
• Don't dry on a heather or radiator
• Don't expose the mat to direct sunlight for too long

Check out our Wash and care page and learn how to fully take care of your FLXBL.


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