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After you sweat you create the grip.

The FLXBL microfiber top layer is ultra-absorbent. The FLXBL mat is great to use for any style of yoga, from active to calm. You can use it in a heated room, for an intensive class or a practice outside. After your warm-up, you will have great grip and won’t be distracted by slipping during your practice. If you want a little more grip you always have the option of spritzing the mat with a bit of water to increase the microfiber tack.

Soft transitions between poses.

No more sticky or slippery moments. Compared to other sticky travel mats, the microfiber top of the FLXBL mat feels velvety soft on the skin. This is great for transitions between poses, so you will enjoy the flow. If you need to slide your feet a bit closer or bit further, you’ll have the freedom to move and flow without being stuck to your mat. The sueded microfiber feels luxurious on the toes as you roll back and forth in sun salutations helping to prevent callouses on the top of the feet. You can slide your heel forward to work toward a full split and gracefully slide it back again not dragging the entire mat with you. The top layer feels like suede so you have the stability of a rubber mat without it feeling cold.

Natural bio-rubber mat

The FLXBL yoga mat consists of a 1.5 mm bottom layer, made from 100% biodegradable black natural rubber. The natural rubber base keeps the workout mat stable and flat on the ground. It prevents the mat from moving or rippling during transitions. The natural rubber does not contain any toxic chemicals and does not have toxic odors. The full color prints are made with waterbased ink. The bottom layer is what gives the FLXBL mat its stability. Stay focused and balanced during your yoga class without any distractions! 

Sweat, wash and repeat! 

Do you want to keep your mat fresh after an intense yoga session? Easy, the FLXBL yoga mat is machine washable. Even after several washes, the FLXBL mat feels as good as new. You will always have a fresh surface, as a top layer on another mat, or as a travel mat practicing outside. Readmore about how you should wash your mat.

Lightweight travel mat 

The FLXBL yoga mat only weighs 1.5 kg, is 1.5 mm thin, 60 cm wide and 183 cm long. It is foldable and compact - it fits in every bag, suitcase or backpack. Perfect for traveling and easy to take with you on your next adventure and yoga class.

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Loving my new FLXBL mat

I just received my FLXBL Uplifting Orange Yoga Mat, and loving it so far!
In my practice at home, I use it on top of my regular yoga mat. I'm excited for the summer to come and to be able to take it outside with me!
Thanks FLXBL!

Positieve verrassing!

Op aanraden van een andere yogi vol verwachting de FLXBL yoga mat besteld. Binnen no time werd de mat bezorgd. Wat mij positief heeft verrast is de zachtheid en flexibiliteit van de mat, terwijl dit in mijn ervaring niet afdoet aan de kwaliteit van mat. De mat kan opgevouwen worden zonder dat dit ten koste gaat van het gebruik tijdens je practice!

"Oops I did it again"

I had been eyeing this luscious Soft Yellow FLXBL mat forever since it came out. I am weird like that: I cannot always use the same mat for everything. Sometimes I need to pick a mat based on colour to suit my mood, the day, the moment, the energy, the space around me... So: sorry, but not sorry, lol, for buying a 3rd FLXBL mat!! I think this is my second favourite after Very Berry! Just as light and fresh. I love my Deep Petrol mat too, but the 2mm version was just a tad too 'heavy' for my taste and though I use it around the house and in the park, I rarely bring it with me on location. I guess I love the lightness of the 1,5mm versions!! Get your own in one of the crazy gorgeous colours and prepare to never ever want to get up from your mat ever again.🥰

Soft with grip

Love this mat! Good grip, but soft at the same time. Light and flexible. Can’t wait to use him the studio or outside!

Love it!!

This mat is so beautiful! Soft for YIN & surprising grip at the same time for yang styles. I have been hooked on Manduka but i'm happy to add this beauty to my practice!!