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Mat materials

The FLXBL consists of two layers, both with their own unique benefits. The bottom layer is made of natural rubber and the upper layer of microfiber.

Natural rubber:

The rubber bottom forms a strong and flexible base for the 1,5mm thick mat. We found that this is the optimal thickness for the mat to make it durable, but lightweight and foldable at the same time. Thanks to this rubber bottom layer, the FLXBL doesn’t move or ripple during transitions, but stays firmly on the ground or on another mat. This keeps you balanced and focused during your yoga practice.


Great grip, even while sweating:
The microfiber top is what really changes the life of a yogi! The material is ultra-absorbent, so sweating on it creates more grip instead of making it slippery. The FLXBL is therefore perfect for yoga styles in heated rooms, like Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga, but also for more intensive yoga styles, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga. The warmer your hands and feet get, the more grip you’ll experience.

Soft touch:
The material has a velvety touch on your skin, giving you a feeling of quality and softness during your practice. Imagine how comfortable you'll be during restorative classes like Hatha and Yin Yoga. The soft microfiber also makes your transitions smoother than ever before. You’ll have the freedom to move between poses without your feet sticking to the mat. Your Jump Trough will be carefree, when the tops of your feet are sliding over the mat. Click here to see our video on why the FLXBL is perfect for Jump Throughs.

We understand you want to keep your mat fresh and vibrant, especially after some intense yoga sessions. No problem! Microfiber, and therefore the FLXBL, can be washed at low temperatures in your washing machine. Just make sure you follow our washing instructions to prevent any damage by washing incorrectly.


We’re happy to say that we produce as eco-friendly as we can. The FLXBL is free from any toxic chemicals such as latex, silicone, phthalates, PVC, toxic glue or chlorine. The natural rubber we use is 100% biodegradable and the microfiber is colored with water-based ink. All this makes the FLXBL free of any ‘chemical’ odors as well.

The FLXBL is vegan, meaning that none of the used materials are tested on animals. The packaging is free of any plastic.

Contact us:

If you have a question regarding our mat materials, just send an email to or send us a message on Instagram @flxblyoga.